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These are the rules, please respect them, to make easy for us to control the group, also to make connivance between the members nice and easy. Thanks.

- Please submit your deviations to the right folder.

- Be respectful to the other members.

- Avoid to submit sexual or obscene content.

- If you want to submit gore content you'll be able to submit it in a new folder we will enable for you.

- Literature is allowed! Please submit your stories if you want.

They are not that hard to understand. Again, please follow this rules and everything will be great :D

Also, I want to tell you that I'm having some problems to approve some submissions, so I'll tell my contributors to help me. And I want you to now that we're so busy with our studies so please be patient and respectful to us if we don't answer you right away. Now our time is so important for us, so we will attend you when we can.
Sorry, and thanks for be part of this family.
Hey now you can submit drawings to the group :D You can submit 5 every week to the group and please to the correct folder ^^ Please invite more friends to this little group to became an awesome group like others ^^ and If one of you have another group please affiliate to us :)

Thanks everybody and enjoy our group ^^

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